Describe specific examples of personal change required to pursue a doctoral degree in psychology

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Complete the following:

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  • Reflect on this course. As preparation for  writing, review each of the following aspects of the first three  assignments you completed during this course:
    • The research skills needed to complete those assignments.
    • The course readings, especially from your Critical Thinking in Psychology text.
    • The ethical aspects of conducting a research project like the one outlined in those assignments.
    • The summary of your findings from the research you did in the  course project. What insights into your specialization topic did you  gain from the experience?
    • The insights you have gained about yourself in the discussions and exchanges with your peers in this course.
    • The changes you have experienced in your self-image.
    • Any additional approaches you will need to consider to ensure  that you meet the high ethical standards of a professional psychologist.
  • Consider the following:
    • Changes in your thinking and behavior. For  each of these aspects, analyze the connection between changes in your  thinking and the work you have done in this course. Describe specific  examples that illustrate the changes, and explain the relationship  between your new thinking or behavior and this doctoral program.  Identify and cite at least two specific resources you have encountered  in this course that have triggered these changes, and explain the  connections.
    • Changes in your approach. Choose a major event  earlier in your life. Include the roles of other people who were  involved in this event and their relationships with you. Analyze ways in  which you might approach that event differently now, considering the  new direction that you are taking in your life. Include specific  examples of the manner in which you worked with others, and the extent  to which you might handle those relationships differently, knowing what  you know now. Identify and cite at least two specific resources you have  encountered in this course that have triggered your new ideas about  approaches.
    • Changes in your role. How do you expect to  assess the value of your doctoral degree? Look ahead 8–10 years into the  future and describe the ways in which you expect your life to be  different. Explain the connections for any differences that you see as  directly related to this course or to the doctoral program. Identify and  cite at least one credible career resource that supports your image of  the future.
    • Write about your reflection. Organize your  written assignment according to the three questions in the overview: Why  I am in this program? What I am trying to become? How I will achieve my  goal? Use the insights you have gathered from your analysis of changes  in your thinking, behavior, relationships, and plans as evidence to  support your answer to each question. Suggestion: Some learners find it easier to write the second and third sections before attempting to complete the first section.
Written Paper

In your paper, address the following:

  • Assess the value of your doctoral degree in psychology to others, as well as to yourself.
  • Describe specific examples of personal change required to pursue a doctoral degree in psychology.
  • Analyze requirements for performing ethically in accordance with professional standards.
  • Include your findings from the research you did in the literature review portion of the course project.
  • Explain how learning the skills involved in doctoral research will impact your self-image.
  • Describe a plan for your career direction in the field of psychology.

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