Describe the culture expressed in the participants interaction and the inferences that can be made from those interactions.

Complete an unobtrusive field observation, and complete a report on that observation. The report and field notes should be submitted.

Observe a group interaction in a public place approved by your facilitator.

Consider a place to conduct an observation where there is a shared group culture among adults. Public means anyone has access.

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Avoid places where members of protected classes gather, such as a school, Planned Parenthood®, a pediatrician’s office, or a prison. Do not participate in the interactions.

Pay attention to the verbal and nonverbal communication styles and cultural artifacts–typically linguistic in nature–that manifest in this context.

Take detailed notes about the context of the situation you describe and what you observe.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word ethnographic report that details new knowledge you can infer from the situation as grounded in the study, based on the observation. Build the context of your setting by describing the environment and its generalizability to greater cultural constructs.

Describe the culture expressed in the participants’ interaction and the inferences that can be made from those interactions.

Conclude with a synthesis of these notions that builds a greater understanding of the culture manifested in this situation. Describe the value these inferences might have on understanding the environment, individuals, or a greater scope of human interaction.

Format your report consistent with APA guidelines.

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