Describe the four historical ethical traditions and how they differ.

historical ethical traditions The following questions are worth two points each. (typed 12 point font, double-spaced). 1. Describe the four historical ethical traditions and how they differ.(one page) 2. In your own words, please explain the concept of subjective responsibility, including the meanings of values, beliefs, and attitudes. Give examples of both. (one page) The following discussion question is worth 5 points. (typed, 12 point font, double-spaced). a). In chapter 3, Cooper identifies three major implications of modernization for public administration. Using the information that you learned in the readings and in-class lectures, how have these changes impacted ethical decision-making in public administration? Moreover, what are common ethical dilemmas that have arisen in public administration? (3 pts) (one page) b). Given these common ethical dilemmas, if you had to publish a unified code of ethics for all public administrators, what do you think would be the two most important tenets? Why? (2 pt)(one page) Extra credit question In your opinion, has public administration adopted a principle-based or utilitarian-based ethic? Why? (1 pt)(half page)

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