professional strategic financial management function in an organization

Strategic Financial Management

Describe the four primary purposes of a professional strategic financial management function in an organization. Further, elaborate on how reimbursement, supply and demand, contractual adjustments, patient mix, regulatory legislation etc. may, or may not, influence these purposes.

Practice Writing an Annotated Bibliography Entry


  1. As suggested in my introductory video for this week’s module, I suggest beginning with a prewrite on your chosen prompt for the Research Project.
  2. Type up the given prompt question and see what you can find on ELAC’s database (or possibly Google Scholar).
    1. If you’re finding too many sources (thousands, hundreds) you might try to make your question, like this:
      1. Example of an initial question: How do you take care of pets?
      2. Example of making the initial question more specific: How do you train dogs to become guide dogs for the blind?
        1. This is just an example. Your Research Project prompt must be one of the few given on your Research Project instructions (see week 9).
  3. Once you find a source you like, you will read that source. Then use the template for the Annotated Bibliography (see the template in AB4) to write your first entry.
  4. You will submit that entry here (ideally as MS Word or a PDF file).
  5. If you would like, you may use that source for your final Annotated Bibliography due this Saturday.
  6. Please note that you MAY NOT use the same source as another student. If you do so, I’ll ask you to submit this assignment again on an another source.

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