Describe the meetings, rallies, or activities that you attended:

This project requires you to attend a community board meeting, protest, village meeting, or take part in some kind of advocacy work in the city. Assignment: Write at least 4 pages report on city politics after attending a local government meeting, protest, rally or civic organization meeting.

This is the Local Government Meeting you pretend to be there. See the link below for the full video.

Location: NYC – Queens – at the Jamaica Performing Arts Center.

Time: June 7, 2018

Report Components


Describe the meetings, rallies, or activities that you attended: Where were they and when did they happen? How were they structured? Who spoke (board members, leaders, members of the public)? What issues were discussed and how were they discussed? If you were involved in advocacy or organizing, explain how your activity represented or advocated around an issue and how it framed the issue.


The Issues: Explain how the issues discussed are related to topics and themes we have explored throughout the semester. Were they social issues? Planning issues? (Topics see pictures below).


Reaction: Evaluate your experience “doing city politics.”What did you think of the atmosphere and methods, the framing of issues or structure of activity? What thoughts did it prompt about city politics?

Topics we have explored throughout the semester:


This course examines the development of local government structures, political parties, machine politics, and reform movements in the United States and contemporary global urban context. The current forms of government in US cities, especially New York City, and their relationship to states and the federal government will be analyzed. Theories of power in the urban setting, and the role of various groups within it shall also be discussed.

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