Describe the number of potential learners, type of learners, reading levels, gender, ages, culture, language(s) they use, and attitude toward learning Evaluate the intended audiences level of familiarity with technology overall

 potential learners, type of learners, reading levels, gender, ages, culture

Give a brief outline of the paper’s objective and the subjects covered in the introduction.
Give a brief description of the organization for which you are creating the training.
The organization’s goals
organizational structure
Occupational culture
locations in the world
Community participation
knowledge of conducting training and development initiatives
The task(s) for which the training is being developed should be specified.
Examine the key components or procedures needed to complete each task.
Consider the task(s)’s relevance to the organization’s overarching mission.
Audience Five or more characteristics of the target audience for the training should be mentioned.
Indicate the number of possible students, their demographics, including age, gender, and reading level, as well as their culture, language(s), and learning style.
Analyze the technology familiarity of the intended audience. overall
Assess the degree to which the people who make up your target audience are, on the whole, self-directed learners.
Explain how their level of self-direction—or lack thereof—might have an impact on whether they would complete the program successfully.
Theoretical Basis for Training: Decide whether to use andragogy or another adult learning theory as the theoretical foundation for the proposed training.
Give an explanation of your decision.
Provide at least two (2) techniques for incorporating important elements of the chosen theoretical model into the layout and instruction of the intended training.
Summarize for the reader the most important issues raised in the article in the conclusion.


Note: The paper may use any of the BOLD items as headings.

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