describe the problem in your community and your purpose for this presentation

Adolescent Safety Advice HEALTHY PEOPLE 2020 Your presentation should include a title slide, an introduction slide, summary slide, and reference slide. o The introduction should describe the problem in your community and your purpose for this presentation. o The summary should reiterate the main points of the presentation a. The Introduction slide (1-3 slides) should include: i. Introduction to the goal chosen ii. Was this an œoriginal goal of Healthy People 2010? b. The œProgress Toward the Goal slides (5-7 slides) should include: i. What progress has been made from 2010 to 2020 goal timeframe? ii. Provide statistics or information that reinforces the need for this goal. iii. Describe the findings of your research (3-4 slides). Make at least two suggestions regarding this goal that would assist in making this goal attainable and ensuring progress toward the goal? One goal must be related to nutrition. Example: Our goal of decreasing obesity was not met. In fact, our obesity rates increased from 2010 to 2020. More education on healthy eating and exercise is needed at the elementary school level. In addition, the school lunch program needs to provide more healthy choices and eliminate unhealthy choices from the menu. c. The œConclusion should be a one slide summary of the key points of the paper. Do not introduce new information.

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