Describe the problems the brain drain causes developing countries.

Why do international managers want to know what the unit labor costs in various countries are?What are the major foreign exchange exposures experienced by multinational corporations. Identify the alternatives available to a firm to manage the foreign exchange exposures. What are the pros and cons of different alternatives for hedging foreign exchange exposures?What are the main advantages and disadvantages of a global brand?Identify two strategies using the interest rate futures and interest rate swaps that could reduce the interest rate risk to the firm and their use to manage interest rate risk.Why would a firm planning to enter a new foreign market be concerned with the educational mix?A tarrif is the most significant type of trade control. Explain the difference between tarrif and non tariff barriers, citing examples of each.
What factors determine the attractiveness of specific international markets, in terms of growth prospects and risk.Describe the problems the brain drain causes developing countries.List and describe the main approaches to new market entry.What are the main reasons a company would expand internationally?What kinds of scale economies are possible in international marketing?Geert Hofstede put forth five cultural dimensions. Identify, define and provide an international business example of two of his dimensions. B) using two of hofstede’s terms discuss doing business in Asian and latin American countries.
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