Describe the products and services that may best benefit from the use of each of these.

Compare and contrast the differences between mass, differentiated, niche, and one-to-one marketing. Include the following in your response:
Describe the products and services that may best benefit from the use of each of these.
Describe the product or service that your current or past organization produces or sells, and which strategy your firm uses to market its goods or services. Do you feel that this is the most effective strategy? Why, or why not? Explain your answer. If you have not been employed, use a company with which you are familiar.
2. Utilizing the “Conceptual Model for a Sales Force Organization Audit” found in Chapter 13 of your textbook, assume the role of an auditor to evaluate each of the elements discussed (sales management functions, sales force organization planning system, sales manager evaluation, environment of the sales force organization) on ONE of the following companies: Coca Cola, PepsiCo, PPG, Sysco Systems, or Johnson and Johnson.
3. Discuss the sales management planning process steps. Use the products or services of a company for which you have worked or one you know well as your example. Include the results that should be achieved by accomplishing each step.
4. You are the sales manager for a new upscale line of skin care products based in Hollywood, CA. You are tasked with hiring a nationwide sales team consisting of five territories: northeast, southeast, midwest, northwest, and southwest. Using the information provided in Chapter 8 of our textbook, discuss how you will find and recruit your sales team and know that they are a fit for the role.
5. Using the Internet as your resource for information, provide examples of people who demonstrate the leadership styles based on Theory H (explained in Chapter 10 of our textbook). Briefly explain why each person fits his/her designated leadership style.
6. You are the national sales manager for an industrial chemical company. Your industry is being inundated by new entrants in the market, and your company has lost market share for the past five quarters. Adopt one of the contemporary approaches to leadership found in Chapter 10 of our textbook—transformational leadership, Pygmalion leadership, or empowerment. Use the foundation of your selected approach to explain what you could do to turn around your sales results. Please include your rationale for selecting the approach that you did.

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