Race And Ethnicity 6.2

 In thinking about our readings and videos this week, research and discuss with the class three negative consequences/stereotypes about the myth of the model minority. In addition, discuss at least two ways society can combat the myth of the model minority.

Research several different Asian cultures online (Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, South Korean, etc.).  Research their language, music, geography, literature, religion, and other cultural phenomena.  Present your findings to the class.  Given the significant differences, why do you believe Asian Americans are thought of as one monolithic group?

Research and discuss three contemporary issues experienced by Asian Americans. In addition, please provide one solution to each contemporary issues discussed.

Prisoner Right 6.2

 If an inmate has an issue with something that happens while locked up and want to be compensated for it. They would need to sue the state and the employee involved. Compared to the “outside” world, the inmate must get permission to sue the state, under normal circumstances, due to sovereign and qualified immunity. Do you believe that this is fair and just? Should there be a way that inmates can sue that does not require permission from the government? Give examples of your solutions to this issue.


If a person on parole violates their parole should their parole be revoked immediately or should they have a hearing first? Explain and support your viewpoint.



 Consider the potential conflict between corporate social responsibility and ethics while maximizing shareholder wealth.  How does exercising Christian principles/ethics play a part in running a successful business while operating within state and federal regulations?

APA format 250 words


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