Describe why you like thi s vacation place

Login to Google Drive, open Google Slides and create a Slides Presentation with the following requirements: Slide 1: Title slide, for title type: My Profile. Type a subtitle: Your full name. Slide 2: Introduce yourself, at least 5 sentences. You may add a picture of yourself if you like. Slide 3: Insert a picture of Valencia College and talk about your major, courses completed, to be taken, and a few things about Valencia College, at least 5 sentences. Slide 4: Talk about your current job, what you do, where, for how long, etc. If you don’t have a job, talk about your last job. If you never had a job, talk about your hobbies. At least 5 sentences. Slide 5: Create/Insert a Chart illustrating your current expenses, at least10 expenses. If you don’t have that many, create new ones. Make sure your chart is readable, makes sense, and looks presentable. Slide 6: Insert a video of a vacation place you like (a short video). Describe why you like thi s vacation place, at least 5 sentences. Slide 7: Add a weblink for the following websites: Valencia College, University of Central Florida, University of Florida, Florida State University, and University of South Florida. Slide 8: Type: End of Presentati on. Thank You.

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