Describe your interpretation of the importance of promotion to help the artist sell more products.

does the location help or hinder that store? How does proximity to
other similar or dissimilar businesses help or hinder? [Location]14. Pick a product that is sold in a retail chain (ex. Levis jeans or Nike shoes). Trace it back through the channel of distribution to the manufacturer. In
your report you can include a diagram of each organization from
manufacturer to retailer that is involved in the marketing channel.
[Channel]15. Run an auction for an item you would like to sell on ebay, Yahoo auctions, or auctions. Describe your strategy in terms of product, pricing, and promotion. How successful or unsuccessful were you? Discuss what you learned. In your report include a printout of your auction registration.16. Choose a cable TV specialty channel such as ESPN or Disney. Describe the demographics and psychographics that the channel seems to be aiming towards. [Demographics and psychographics]17. Read several marketing-related help wanted advertisements. Use marketing journals for this exercise as opposed to newspapers. Describe the duties and requirements for the jobs. [Marketing occupations]18. Attend a marketing-related function such as an office products show or marketing seminar. (Note:your instructor may be able to help you locate a local event). Write a general account of the event. [General marketing]19. Research a failed product or service (Examples include, Crystal Pepsi, the McDLT sandwich, the Yugo automobile). Describe why they failed from a marketing perspective. How did the marketers fail to supply a good product or service? [General marketing]20. Research the music industry. How much does the artist (the company & product) get paid for every CD, poster, or other product sold. Describe your interpretation of the importance of promotion to help the artist sell more products. [Pricing and promotion]

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