Describe your target market segments using psychographic, demographic and usage information.

Briefly summarise your organisation, describe the sponsorship opportunity, and how you can benefit the sponsor.
• Highlight the key elements of the sponsorship proposal including benefits and financial costs.
Describes the sponsorship opportunity, your sport organisation and its key objectives; event, marketing and promotional benefits; its investment and next steps for the proposal.Profile your organisation: state its goals and objectives, its history, ability to produce the event.
• Describe who the sport organisation’s capabilities and experience in producing the event, and list all the key event information.Demonstrate a clear understanding of your event’s target markets, and clearly explains these segments to the sponsor.
• Describe your target market segments using psychographic, demographic and usage information.Describe the promotional activities and timeline your organization will use to promote the sport property’s major event(s)Explain how your sport property is a strategic “fit” with the sponsor (audience and objective or values).
• Describes exactly what the sponsor will receive from a Level 1 or Level 2 customised package (e.g. naming rights, signage, entertainment, tickets, etc.), and these elements will help the sponsor achieve their key objectives.Demonstrate an understanding of the sponsor’s needs and how they can leverage the relationship with your organisation.
• Display creativity that leads to a win-win-win outcome for all parties which also include steps to combat ambush marketing.Provide details of the sponsorship investment with payment schedule (i.e. cash, contra, or in-kind promotional support, etc.).
• Describe how the sport organization will service the sponsor, and evaluate the overall success of the partnership.Provide a relatively brief but thorough marketing plan for the sport organisation. This ensures that you understand your sport property in order to prepare an effective sponsorship proposal.
• This marketing plan will include: a brand bullseye, SWOT, PEST and Competitor analyses; its mission, vision and key objectives. It will also provide a description of the organisation’s target markets.
Provide a complete inventory of the assets available to the sponsorship manager, and breaks them down into at least

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