Describes the guidelines and procedures for protecting human subjects in research.

In order to work collaboratively and complete the Assignment in an organized and meaningful
way you will be working together in a team forum.
Begin to plan how you will most effectively work with one another. It is often helpful to
appoint a Team Leader who will help keep the team on track.
Review reading materials websites and all other resources from the course and decide
how you collectively want to organize the brochure.
Decide as a team how you will focus the brochure what materials you will use and what
you will incorporate in the brochure.
Decide as a team how the work will be divided. Who will be responsible for what portion of
the content? How will you equally divide the work?
The team will create an informational brochure that could be used for pre-licensure nursing
students to inform them of the guidelines and procedures for protecting research
1. Describes the guidelines and procedures for protecting human subjects in research.
a. Brief historical overview of need for protecting human subjects
b. Legal and ethical issues relevant to nursing research
c. Role of the IRB
d. Procedures of Protection for all research participants
Privacy and confidentiality
Presents considerations for participant recruitment and informed consent
Special Considerations for At-Risk populations
2. Provides a section delineating frequently asked questions about protection of human
subjects with answers provided (FAQs).
1. Team members identified.
2. The brochure has attractive formatting and well-organized information and is presented
as a tri-fold.
3. Trifold must use all SIX sides and must fold properly.
4. Graphics go well with the text and there is a good mix of text and graphics.
5. Differences in type size and/or color are used well and consistently.

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