Description of Patient Population

Grading Criteria for Complex Care Topic Nursing Research Paper: APA format with appropriate headings 10 points Grammar & Spelling with complete introduction, body and summary 10 points Description of Patient Population (P) – If possible limit population to a certain age group or special sub-group 15 points Description of Intervention of interest (I) – May include exposure, treatment, patient perception, diagnostic test, prognostic factor or others 15 points Description of Comparison intervention (C) – The comparison is often the usual standard of care but it may also be a control group or placebo 15 points Description of Outcome (O) – End result 15 points Use of appropriate, current research and references with a minimum of five (5) research articles 15 points Submission to Blackboard Assignment Folder by due date July 15, 2017 5 points Total points for paper 100 points This paper is a “mini” EBP project. It requires the student to select a topic of interest. The student will define the patient population of interest as it relates to the topic. The student will then compare two (2) interventions for its treatment (one intervention may be a placebo – as long as it is an ethically acceptable treatment for the selected condition). The outcomes of the two interventions will be compared and contrasted based upon the evidence found in the literature. A recommendation will be made for the treatment supported as the best intervention based upon the findings in the literature. A minimum of five (5) research articles must be used in this Nursing Research paper.

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