Description of the client’s demographics and family dynamics

Initial Interview Formulation
Assignment Requirements

Instructions for: Initial Interview Formulation

Please make sure Writer is of Psychology major, If he or she is not the Writing content language will reveal itself. In addition Writer must be Masters level. Please don’t fake it. I will be able to recognize. Please do the Right thing or I won’t hesitate to get Refund I will not let this one subside I will claim Full refund

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Selection and Initial Interview Formulation Assignment

Movie selected:
“Stand by Me”: Child Abuse, search for Identity: Can view on U-Tube
Write a 4 Page paper, APA 6 edition; Citations Summary and conclusion; Writer prepare in Essay format with headings of each bullet points. Please follow instructions:
• Description of the client’s demographics and family dynamics
• Identification of the client and family’s presenting problems
• Description of the initial interview with the child and family
o The cultural considerations for the case
o The therapeutic approach to take in maintaining alliance with the client: CBT, Psycho dynamic, Family system, choose Psychological therapeutic Approach that best fits the Movie. Writer needs to be knowledgeable of Psychology
o The method used to assess the client’s psychosocial, cognitive, and moral development
o Interview questions to ask the client and family
Diagnostic and assessment techniques to use with the client.
Below is information per Instructor/ please follow instructions;
• Please utilize transitional sentences that lead into the next session versus depending solely on sub-headers to transition.
• Be sure in to indent all paragraphs.
• Please include a Conclusion to wrap up thoughts and formulations for entire paper.
Format: assignment consistent with 6 Edition APA

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