Descriptive essay

Descriptive Essay
Description is what makes the reader a sensory participant in the story. Stephen King

Select one below: Read instruction carefully! Your grade depends on this.
In a Four-paragraph essay- (600- word count! -This means: the closest to 600 words possible).
Do not use any outside sources! This is to be your descriptive essay.
Describe a place you loved as a child.
People love to know things about another persons childhood. A great way to show who you are is to describe a place that was important to you.  If you select this writing topic, make sure you remember this place well.
Questions to develop this essay topic: How did this place look? What did you do at this place?  Was anyone else at this there?  How did you feel about the area?
Describe a beautiful location in nature.
You could describe a mountain, body of water, campground, desert, etc.  Or any other place that is outdoors and part of nature.
Questions to develop this essay topic:  What did this place look like?  How did you feel when you were there? Did you hear, smell, taste, or touch anything at the location? Was there anyone else with you?  What did you do at this place?

Use the Show Dont Tell approach in your descriptive essay by asking these questions about the 5 senses:
1.    What did you see?
2.    What did you hear?
3.    What did you touch?
4.    What did you smell?
5.    What did you taste?

You probably wont have answers to all these questions but write Show Dont Tell content wherever you can in your essay.

See the student essay samples in Chapter 12.2 as guide and reference.


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