Jukebox on a desert island.

Visit and select “menu” before selecting “desert island jukebox” to view episodes of this public radio show. For examples of album reviews, you can also click on “classic album dissections”.

Choose one CD that best exemplifies each of the musical genres studied in the American music unit (jazz, gospel, folk, blues, country, rock). At least one paragraph should be written to support your choice.

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The CD has to be a real recording—no “mix tapes.” If a Greatest Hits album was ever genuinely recorded, it is acceptable. Make sure your language, punctuation, and spelling are appropriate by using SpellCheck. Additionally, keep in mind that copying text from one website and pasting it into another is considered plagiarism, and doing so will result in a grade of zero for the entire work.

Grover Baker, the MTSU Fine Arts Librarian, has provided the following information regarding how to access the Sound Opinions website:
Pick a song from the Desert Island Jukebox. They are organized by year, starting with the first season of the show in 2005. Visit “Lipstick Vogue” in Greg Kots DIJ list at as an illustration. The “Go to episode 516” link should be clicked. Permit the white play triangle, navigation circle, and episode time to appear at the page’s upper left. The segment titles will show to the left of the white play triangle when your cursor moves over the various colored regions of the navigation circle. The Desert Island Jukebox part will start playing when you click the yellow “Dij: Greg” area.



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