Design a compnt IP network and equipment need, and subnet ip using vlsm THE SCENARIO

Design a compnt IP network and equipment need, and subnet ip using vlsm THE SCENARIO The Hotwire Pty Ltd (HPL) is a consulting company that advises clients about technical requirements and solutions options available for their networks. Clients who accept advice from HPL use this information to decide which option they will implement in their corporate structure. As a result HPL must always provide a costed range of options for their clients. Currently they have a small IT retail client, Web Development Company (WDC) that is anticipating a large expansion program over the next 5 years. This client has its head office in the city and one branch office in Ryde. The following expansion is anticipated: 1. Additional branches at Penrith and Hornsby. 2. A greater use of mobile workers who will connect to the Ryde Branch using whatever Internet connections are available in different locations. 3. An increased On-Line presence for retail marketing and sales, to be based at Penrith. The client employs developers to create Web Pages and Applications, markets these to clients’ outlets as well as selling them online. The following lists the current physical structure: 1. The Head Office City a. Management Team “ 12 employees b. Developers “ 70 employees c. Sales “ 20 employees Ryde Office d. Marketing Team “ 20 employees e. Retail Sales “ 10 employees f. Online Sales Team “ 8 employees g. Dispatch and Accounts Team “ 14 employees Under the new expanded structure it is expected that both Head Office and Ryde will double in size and employee numbers. It will therefore be necessary to rebuild the company’s network at these two locations. In addition the following new branches are expected to have the following structure: 1. Penrith will have a retail sales outlet with online sales support as well as an accounts department: a. Retail Sales “ 12 employees 31270 Networking Essentials “ Case Study Spring 2013 Page 1 b. Online Sales Support “ 7 employees c. Accounts “ 6 employees 2. Hornsby will have a smaller outlet for sales, with all accounts being processed by Penrith. a. Retail Sales “ 8 employees b. Online sales “ 2 employees 3. Mobile Workers will be employed in other Australian cities. They will be individual employees who are based from their home, but will be able to travel anywhere the company requires. They are primarily technical people who will provide sales and support in the cities where they live. This team of Teleworkers is expected to grow to 10 employees over the next 5 years. All Internet connections will pass through the company’s portal at Ryde, where the company’s server and Online Sales are located. From Ryde each company site will be connected using point-to-point fibre connections providing high bandwidth across the company’s Intranet. Web Development Company (WDC) has provided the following Networking Plan shown in the diagram below. Hotwire Pty Ltd (HPL) must design the network requirements for all branches of Web Development Company (WDC). As employees of HPL your team will be required to develop a plan for the Company network, including all costs, for all of the following: 1. The type of media you propose to use at Head Office and at each branch. This must be adequate to allow for the 100% expansion of the Company network at Head Office and Ryde and must be adequate to meet the requirements at each new branch. Your recommendations should also include provision for additional increased bandwidth needs in the future (beyond 5 years). Whilst the actual lengths of media chosen are not required, the cost of media chosen should be included as a cost per metre price. Installation requirements and costs must also be considered. You must justify your choice of media. Remember this might include copper, fibre and wireless options within the different sites. The fibre links between each site to Ryde will be supplied by the company’s ISP and are therefore not to be included in the above media requirements. Alternative solutions should be considered. 2. You are required to subnet the Company’s network IPv4 Address using VLSM. You will be required to provide summary tables with IP Address ranges for all hosts in your network. When allocating addresses you must allow enough addresses for the 100% expected future expansion and additional hosts at each new branch, as well as point-to-point addresses for the mobile workforce as they will be communicating via VPN links. Additionally, you need to allocate IP Addresses for networked printers. You need to allow one (1) printer for each 50 employees or part thereof for each subnet, allocating a minimum of one printer per site. The small sites at Penrith and Hornsby will require only one (1) printer for the entire site. Printers will have the last usable address/es within the subnet/s to which they belong. The server, located at Ryde, will be in a separate subnet, and must be allocated a static IP Addresses within that network. Each teleworker is considered a point-to-point link, and so must be addressed individually. 3. IPv6 Addresses will be added now for future use. Use the table below for IPv6 addresses. 4. You must detail the hardware (switches, routers) that the Web Development Company requires. This must include full reasons for selecting particular hardware type (model numbers), remembering that each device must be adequate for the Web Development Company’s requirements at the location where it is placed. You must consider potential bandwidth usage for each link when making the decisions and include expected bandwidth for future expected expansion. Each site will require a minimum of one router, and also a number of switches determined by your company. The details about computers, servers and printers are not required. 5. You must justify the type of network topology you propose to use at each Web Development Company location. A topology diagram for each location should be included in your report. 31270 Networking Essentials “ Case Study Spring 2013 Page 3 6. WDC expects to conduct a great deal of business via the Internet. Communication on the Internet is therefore essential. Select and fully justify the type of Internet access you propose to have for this Company. This must be scalable to allow for future growth and needs. The Point of Presence (POP) is located at Ryde. 7. As a model for explaining your proposal to WDC, your team will build your network using Packet Tracer 6.0.1. This model will include all IPv4 and IPv6 addresses required and use XXXX routing protocol. This working model will be part of the delivery requirements and will support the written report. IPv6 Addressing IPv6 Addresses Head Office Management 2001:acad:eba1:1::1:0/120 Developers 2001:acad:eba1:1::1:100/120 Sales 2001:acad:eba1:1::1:1000/120 Ryde Marketing 2001:acad:eba1:1::2:0/120 Retail 2001:acad:eba1:1::2:100/120 Online Sales 2001:acad:eba1:1::2:1000/120 Dispatch and Accounts 2001:acad:eba1:1::2:1100/120 Penrith Retail 2001:acad:eba1:1::3:0/120 Online 2001:acad:eba1:1::3:100/120 Accounts 2001:acad:eba1:1::3:1000/120 Hornsby Retail 2001:acad:eba1:1::4:0/120 Online 2001:acad:eba1:1::4:100/120 Point-to-Point links HO “ Ryde 2001:acad:eba1:1::5:0/126 Ryde “ Penrith 2001:acad:eba1:1::5:4/126 Ryde “ Hornsby 2001:acad:eba1:1::5:8/126 Ryde “ Server 2001:acad:eba1:1::5:20/126 Teleworker 1 2001:acad:eba1:1::5:30/126 Teleworker 2 2001:acad:eba1:1::5:34/126 Teleworker 3 2001:acad:eba1:1::5:38/126 Teleworker 4 2001:acad:eba1:1::5:3c/126 Teleworker 5 2001:acad:eba1:1::5:40/126 Teleworker 6 2001:acad:eba1:1::5:44/126 Teleworker 7 2001:acad:eba1:1::5:48/126 Teleworker 8 2001:acad:eba1:1::5:4c/126 Teleworker 9 2001:acad:eba1:1::5:50/126 Teleworker 10 2001:acad:eba1:1::5:54/126 IPv4 Addressing The Web Development Company (WDC) has purchased the IPv4 Address ____________ (supplied by your instructor) from its ISP for addressing all hosts within their network. Using VLSM, subnet this IPv4 Address range to provide addresses for all required hosts. This addressing scheme should allow for the 100% growth at Head Office and Ryde, all new branches and Teleworker addresses . Complete the table below (which shows a sample of required subnets, but must be expanded to show them all). The IPv6 Address 2001:acad:eba1:0001::/64 has been obtained as WDC IPv6 address. 1. Apart from the IP Addresses, you are not required to supply any WAN link information. This includes fibre cables, VPN connections, and any security issues relating to those links. 2. All branch offices can be considered an extension of the WDC network, and so the IPv4 Addresses allocated must be reflected in the overall addressing scheme for the company. 3. The only media requirements required are those internal for each site. 4. Hardware (such as routers and switches) should reflect expected usage. Therefore, low usage environments such as those for Hornsby Branch, would require different hardware than high usage areas, such as those of the Ryde Branch. 5. Internet Access for the entire company, the Point of Presence (POP), is through the Ryde Branch. This connection should be sufficient for all current users, and scalable to allow for the expected increase over the next 5 years. 6. Teleworkers will use VPN connections from a variety of sites into the Ryde Branch. Each teleworker should be considered a point-to-point network for IPv4 Addressing (and subnetting).

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