Design and Implement a Data Warehouse

Programs: MS Visio and SQL Server
Assessment Task (100 Marks) ? Weighting (50%)
The following is the assignment as set out for the module of Data and Data Analytics (B9IS100).
You are required to attempt PART I and PART II.
PART I ? Design and Implement a Data Warehouse (proof of concept) (50 marks)
Suppose you are working in a company (You can choose a virtual company of your choice). To run business successfully, the company needs to develop a data warehouse initially with a single subject of analysis based on their operational database(s). As part of the team, you are required to do the following tasks:
? Write a report including:
? Requirements for developing data warehouse.
(8 marks)
? Design of dimensional model for data warehouse. Use MS Visio or any other appropriate tool.
(15 marks)
? Implement the data warehouse in SQL Server by creating dimension and fact tables according to the design. Write SQL code to populate the data warehouse from operational database(s) (Include all code in the appendix of your report). You are required to mention/include the source of operational database. You can use any existing database from the web or the one that you produced.
(17 marks)
? Develop 4 queries that relate to the requirements for developing data warehouse.
(10 marks)
PART I I ? Research (50 marks)
What is Hadoop? How is it different from data warehouses? Discuss Hadoop ecosystem and related technologies. In your discussion, mention the type of problems that can be solved by using Hadoop.
(5 + 10 + 25 + 10 = 50 marks)

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