Designing a Presentation

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Effective Presentation Skills 

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Template: Preparing a Presentation 

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Managers must be able to develop a clear presentation method, express ideas, and deliver solutions to business problems. This exercise requires you to develop a presentation to be attended by store employees, merchants, and executive leadership. Your presentation design should contain meaningful touch points that are specific to each attendee’s perspective of the business.

The following information should be used to shape the design of your presentation:

  • You have a new idea for enhancing customer service and believe your idea will benefit both your company’s stores and customers. Consider these ideas to get you started: a sales contest, an advertising or marketing campaign, or an in-store event that involves employees and/or vendors.
  • Use the communication models, processes, and techniques you have learned, and the skills you have practiced, to design an effective presentation.


  1. Develop a presentation (PowerPoint or video) using the prompt and information presented above.
    • If you develop a PowerPoint presentation, follow this format:
      • 7-10 slides maximum (including the title and summary slides)
      • Use Speaker Notes to add detail and explanation to your slides/discussion
      • When narrating, do not just read your Speaker Notes or text on the slides
      • Use spellcheck and Grammarly to proofread your work closely before uploading
    • If you develop a video, be sure it is between 2-4 minutes in length
  2. Be sure you do the following in your presentation:
    1. List and prioritize the top three goals you want to accomplish with your presentation
    2. Design a brief opening statement
    3. List the major points of information you want to convey to the audience
    4. Design a brief closing statement
  3. Use at least three outside research sources to support your work for this assignment.



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