Determine the key types of risks your business opportunity will face both internally and externally

BUS 521 Assignment 2 Competitive Analysis and Strategic Assessment – Strayer University Assignment 2: Business Plan Part II – Competitive Analysis and Strategic Assessment Due Week 7 and worth 230 points

Note: Refer to scenarios and reading assignments from previous weeks to complete this assignment.

In Part I of your business plan, you explored a business opportunity for your company. You identified your business model, formulated your feasibility statement, and evaluated your data. In Part II, you will conduct a competitive analysis and strategic assessment of the proposed venture, balancing the possible risks and opportunities your company will face. In addition, you will provide the financial requirements for the venture capital group to evaluate.

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Write a seven to eight (7-8) page paper in which you: 1. Conduct a competitive analysis in which you explain the sources of competition, the strengths of your competitors’ companies, and the other factors affecting your ability to compete. 2. Provide at least three (3) strategies and three (3) marketing tactics for attracting first-time customers. 3. lly. 4. Determine the key types of risks your business opportunity will face both internally and externally. Provide strategies to mitigate these risks. 5. Assess the different sources of funding available for funding entrepreneurial ventures in terms of the possible value they can bring to your venture. Next, explain the funding strategy your venture will undertake. 6. Create a report of operating costs required for your product or service venture, using the PlanningShop’s Business Plan Financial package. Note: The PlanningShop’s Business Plan Financial package can be found in the Student Center of the online course shell. 7. Prepare a break-even analysis in which you explain the report you created to the venture capital group. 8. Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.

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