determine the price of the parts used which will also be recorded in the Job file. The contents of the Job record are then used to produce an invoice that goes to the customer. Customers are required to pay in full in 30 days if payment is not made a letter of demand is sent and a 10% penalty is applied to the account.

Business solutions for the Acme Garage

You must utilize the systems method to research a firm and provide business solutions for the Acme Garage—Case Study in this group assignment (limit 5 students). You must create a brief report (between 2000 and 2500 words) as a team.
For the groups’ consideration, the following sections are suggestions:
1. Initialization
Declare the report’s goal.
2. Business Summary
Write a succinct description of the business:
– Composition,
Important Actions
– Issues,
– Gaps,
– Possibilities,
Decomposition into Functions
3. Evaluation of current procedures,
– Determining Requirements,
DFD (Level 0, Level 10, and Context)
Decision Table Decision Tree: Logical Modeling
Class, Use Case, Activity, and Sequence Diagrams Data modeling (ER diagram)
4. Functional and Non-Functional Requirement Specification
5. Proposed Business Solution: User Interface Design, Forms, and Reports
6. Project Feasibility Analysis: Cost, Benefit, and Risk
7. Optional Implementation
8. Requests for Implementing Changes: Requests for Maintenance
9. Conclusions: Suggest a crucial subject for in-depth analysis. Explain your recommendations.
10. If any appendices

Students must use Microsoft VISIO tools to create context and DFD diagrams and the data modeling process for group reports.
Create an entity relationship diagram based on the case study provided below using Microsoft Visual Studio tools. The following should be part of the ER model:
A brief explanation of the model’s notation, a list of all business rules that were followed when creating the diagram, a definition of each entity, and an English translation of each relationship
• The real entity relationship diagram, which includes all relevant information (such as modality, cardinality, primary and foreign keys, etc.).
• All many-to-many relationships must be handled in order for them to stop appearing as such on the diagram. Any one-on-one interactions should be justified.
• A list of at least three potential attributes that could be connected to each entity found
Create the following diagrams based on the case study discussed below: a context diagram, a function decomposition and data flow diagram (level 0 and level 1 only), a use case diagram, and an activity diagram. Only one level 0 diagram should be used, and one level 1 diagram is needed for each function or process that is defined in the level 0 diagram. Given the amount of information you have provided, it might be asking too much to expect a full set of level one cards. (You can think about requesting a few level 1 diagrams.)
All diagrams must be produced using VISIO tools on a computer and balanced in accordance with the guidelines and requirements outlined in lectures and tutorials.
Case Study: Acme Garage
Car repairs are the specialty of The Acme Garage. They always make sure the consumer has paid for previous services before fixing a car. A customer file contains information on the customer, and a work file contains information about each job. Kim works at the office and manages the customer database (create, retrieve, update, delete). The entries in the job book are made by the mechanics (Bill and Ben). Parts could be needed to complete an automobile repair. Acme must maintain a stock of frequently used items (such as spark plugs, oil filters, and air filters), which are regularly purchased from vendors and then invoiced to Acme. When necessary, less frequently used parts are ordered. Once they find a reliable source, they frequently remain with them and never use more than one for any given part. If the parts needed for a certain project are not already in stock, a reference to the stock file will show that they need to be ordered. The stock balance needs to be decreased when things are taken out of stock. Kim also keeps track of the stock file, which is an Excel spreadsheet. When stock is ordered, the order’s details are entered into the order file (located in a filing cabinet), and the cost of the components is added using the invoice that is received when the parts are delivered. The stock file and the order file will be used to calculate the price of the parts used, which will be recorded in the project file. After the project is finished, the hours of labor are recorded in the job file. An invoice for the customer is subsequently created using the information from the job record. Customers must pay in full within 30 days; if they don’t, a letter of demand is sent, and a 10% late payment penalty is added to their account.
Regular orders for supplies are placed with suppliers whose information is preserved in a supplier file (which is also kept in the Access database). Every order is duplicated and kept in the order file. When bills are received, they are compared to the delivered products and then connected to the order. These invoices are fully paid at the end of the month.
The majority of data entry comprises straightforward commercial operations (making and receiving payments). New clients or suppliers are periodically added to the database. Acme conducts regular business with its bank and sends its annual tax return. Records of receipts and expenses provide the data for the tax return. On a tax return, depreciation of equipment is claimed. An asset registry that lists all of the equipment Acme owns provided the data for this section of the tax return. This registry must be updated with each new piece of equipment acquired from a supplier. Through queries and the creation of recurring reports, the system extracts a range of data. Gloria, the garage’s proprietor, uses this data to run her business. At the end of each month, reports are issued on outstanding invoices and unfulfilled orders.
assignment delivery
Assignment Due by 5:00 PM on Friday, Week 12, 2015.
Guidelines for Assignment Submission: Please use the appropriate BlackBoard assignment submission link to submit your soft copy online. (In exceptional cases, you may hand in a physical copy of your assignment to your lecturer in class or drop it off at the Holmes Institute reception area on the ground floor, 185 Spring Street.)


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