Determine the sampling technique of the following (convenience, cluster, stratified, simple random or systematic).

Each weekly assignment will have a Microsoft Word document and a Microsoft Excel document. Please complete the assignment and submit.
On any references used, please include APA Style Bibliography and In-Text Citation

Misleading Graphs 
1. Look at the Day care children graphs in the excel file “STA322 week 1 data” on the tab “Misleading”. Discuss the benefits of using Graph A versus Graph B. (15 points)
2. Look at the Voting data in the excel file “STA322 week 1 data” on the tab “Misleading”. Graph the data in a column (bar) graph. Create another graph that manipulates the axis to appear misleading. Compare and discuss the two graphs. (20 points)
3. In your future career, you will be asked to collect data, analyze data and write reports. In the analysis of data, you may choose to display your results in a graph. This week as we discuss misleading graphs, we learned that we need to be aware of these types of graphs, not only for reporting results, but also as we read and interpret graphs (to be observant and look for key points on a graph). Find a graph that appears to be misleading and discuss. Explain ways you would change the graph to make it appear more accurate. (15 points)
Sampling Techniques
4. Look at the excel file “STA322 week 1 data” of tab “Sampling.” The survey question asked was “Do you have a college degree or currently working on a college degree?” Data is shown using 2 different types of sampling (Convenience –asking your family to complete the survey and Cluster-asking 5 students from 3 classes). Using the data provided, graph each set of data using the same style of chart in Microsoft Excel. Looking at the data provided and the chart results, would either of these sampling techniques provide useful information for you? Are these the best sampling techniques if you are deciding how many people you know are in college? Discuss. (20 points)
Determine the sampling technique of the following (convenience, cluster, stratified, simple random or systematic).
5. A class of freshmen is divided into 5 groups to work on a Final presentation. 2 groups are randomly chosen to present at the graduation rehearsal. (6 points)
6. The grocery store greeter polls every 50th customer that comes into the store on Saturdays. (6 points)
7. In a survey of 100 employees they were asked about their training they received. The sample consisted of those who chose to respond to the survey. (6 points)
Determine the type of data for the following (Qualitative, Quantitative-discrete or Quantitative Continuous).
8. The amount of sugar in the new cookie is 12.3 grams. (6 points)
9. The container has 14 ounces of potato chips. (6 points)
10. The class was broken down into Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Seniors. (6 points)

Determine if the following is a Parameter or a Statistic.
11. Among all the students in the class that were surveyed, 42% were residents of Utah. (7 points)
12. If the class of 30 students was the population, 10 were surveyed and had all completed their assignment on time. (7 points)

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