Determine the topic for the podcast youll develop. 3. If necessary, gather information on your topic.

The topic for the podcast you develop

PODCAST: You must produce a five-minute educational podcast for a website as your next speech assignment. A digital media file that is distributed via the Internet is called a podcast. On a computer or a compatible portable player, the file can be played back. Even though you won’t actually be posting your material online, you should nonetheless prepare it as though you would. How to Prepare, Record, and Submit Your Speech To finish this assignment, follow these steps: 1. Perform a web search to find a website about a subject you are interested in or one you are already familiar with. 2. Select the subject for the podcast you’ll create. 3. Compile information on your subject, if necessary. Make sure to acknowledge any outside sources you use in your speech. 4. List the major issues you wish to discuss. Thesis statement: Write it. 6. Decide on an organizational structure before outlining the key ideas and supporting details of your speech. A speech can be structured in a variety of ways. Pick one of these four organizing models to make sure that the audience can understand your speech the best possible: Ordering your discourse chronologically in terms of time n Using a sequence of stories to illustrate a point in the narrative order n Topical sequencing: Introduce your subject in broad strokes, then go on to themes that are ever-more-detailed. Reasoning: Applying reasoning to a situation or presenting data in a way that implies “If this, then that.” Speech44 7. Develop a solid opening and closing. 8. Make two or more presenting aids in advance to use during your speech. For five-minute lectures, audio and visual assistance shouldn’t last longer than 30 seconds. 9. Practicing in front of some friends or family members. Request their opinions on your presentation. Based on the feedback you receive, you should, if required, edit your speech. 10. Once you’ve practiced your speech and are happy with how it comes across, record it. a. Read the sentences below to start the recording. While you read, fill in the spaces. This podcast is being prepared for the website located at (provide URL). (Time order, narrative order, theme order, or logical reasoning order) is the structure I’ve chosen. a. Take a brief pause (mental count of five) before starting your speech. 11. View the audio of the speech. Make sure it satisfies the assignment’s requirements. 12. Refer to the directions for posting your project to your Digital Dropbox in the opening of this study guide to learn how to upload your speech for grading. This speech’s exam number is 25022500. The following inquiries will be made by your teacher when grading your speech. Is the speech directed at visitors to the website? Does the speech make its thesis statement clear? Does the speech follow the organizational pattern that has been selected? Does the speech have a compelling opening? Conclusion?



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