Develop a historical timeline for Bilingual/ESL Education – PowerPoint presentation.

Develop a historical timeline for Bilingual/ESL Education – PowerPoint presentation. Give a brief overview of the complete history as outlined in the textbook. You will need to access additional resources for this assignment besides the textbook and cite your sources. This presentation should have a minimum of 20 slides; include a title page slide and a resource slide (The title and resource slides only count as 1 each in your 20, so if you have 4 slides with sources on them, this still only counts as 1 of the 20). This is worth 100 points or 10% of your final grade. Below are certain events that must be included in your timeline. Research the events, put them in the correct order, and discuss their impact on Bilingual Education; you will also need to include an additional 7-10 events of your own finding. Do not just list events, but explain them and their significance in bilingual education. (Please note that 20 slides is the minimum for this assignment; in all actuality, to do a thorough job, you will probably need more than the 20 slides)

You need at least 3 resources and 2-3 visuals.  Please make sure you use PowerPoint and that your presentation is visible before uploading it to the dropbox located in this folder.  This is worth 100 points or 10% of your final grade.

**Be very careful on this assignment not to plagiarize.  You might want to go back and review my plagiarism PPT.  Copy and pasting is not allowed.  Even on a PPT, you should summarize and synthesize the learning into your own words.  Do not take events and their descriptions word for word from a website.  Even putting the website down as a source in your works cited page will not cover you for this.  Do not put everything in quotation marks either.  You may use quotes, but only 10% of your words may be quoted and cited correctly.  If you plagiarize on this assignment, you will receive a 0, and you will not have an opportunity to correct it.  I do check for it.

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Events that must be included on the Timeline PPT: (in no particular order; make sure to find their dates and put them in order on your presentation).

Lau vs. Nichols and Lau Remedies

14th Amendment

Castaneda vs. Pickard

NCLB (No Child Left Behind)


Meyer vs. State of Nebraska

Coral Way/Cuban Refugees

Proposition 227/Ron Unz

Bilingual Education Act

Civil Rights Movement

Brown vs. Board of Education

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