Develop a Physician Practice Business Plan

Description Overall Assignment Details: The Physician Practice Business Plan is a continuous document to focus on a practice business strategy, developed and written. This is part 1. Part 2/3 will be assigned later. A portion of the Physician Business Plan is written during these parts based on the instructions for that part. (See attached file for more details). · · Each part should be a minimum 6 pages in length, excluding title, table of contents and references pages. · There must be a minimum of 5 – 7 scholarly peer-reviewed references. · The title page is first and it will be followed by the Table of Contents (TOC). Use the HEADINGS below to create the TOC (include page numbers in your TOC). · Use a running header (see APA format) · Each paper will have an introduction and a conclusion paragraph since there is new information. · There is no abstract required in the written assignments. · follow APA format and standards.

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