Develop anti-bias materials

Develop anti-bias materials

Design supplementary materials that could help implement the text for a multicultural audience. Limiting this description to 2 pages, you should do the following:

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Identify a specific area of the text you have concern with. This could or might not connect with the chapter you just critiqued; you choose! Still be sure you identify and issue youd like to take on.
Show how your supplementary materials connect to the section of the text you wish to address.
Scan text not included in your submodule references. (These dont count toward your two pages.)
Propose an activity, perhaps in the realm or style of Creative Resources for the Anti-bias Classroom, that could make the materials in the unit more accessible to new students. Be sure to name your resources.
Feel free to identify specific places where the new students are from, such that you might identify specific cultural aspects that would generate critical thinking and multiculturalism for all students.
Explain how this activity might address your concerns.

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