Develop the following financial sections of your NAB companys Business Plan. Note Provide the write up in the text box of the discussion instead of an attachment. Sources and use of funds Plan assumptions Break-even analysis

Develop the following financial sections of your NAB companys Business Plan

This task is regarded as an academic writing task. Your overall mark is based on the quality of your response as well as your grammar and punctuation. There is no need for a cover page or APA formatting for this activity. The “Business Plan Financials” MS Excel template is used for this assignment. You can use the “Business Plan Financials Guide” to help you finish the necessary worksheets. (Both documents can also be found in Week 1’s Course Required Files.) It is advised that students use MS Word or MS Excel to create their deliverable(s) before attaching the document(s) to the discussion thread submission area in Blackboard. Use the “NAB Company Portfolio” as a guide (see: Week 1 Course Required Files). Please enter the information requested below.

Fill out the Income Statement, Cash Flow Projections, and Balance Sheet sections of the “Business Plan Financials” MS Excel template for year one of your NAB company’s business plan (see: Course Required Files in Week 1). Please add the MS Excel worksheet to the topic for discussion. Hints: Since you generated your marketing budget in Week 4, your marketing expenses should have already been accounted for. Hints: To help you fill out your financial forms, refer to the figures you arrived at in the operations and technology portions of your plan. Work through the worksheets sequentially. The numbers will be automatically entered into your income statement using the Excel spreadsheets. Create the following financial parts for the business plan of your NAB company: Note: Instead of including the write-up as an attachment, put it in the discussion’s text box. Funding sources and purposes Plan suppositions Breakeven evaluation


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