Developed hepatitis a and is immune to hepatitis b and c

A 40-year old recovering IV drug aIDict is evaluated for fever, malaise, anorexia, vomiting and jaundice. He also has red bumps on the skin of his lower extremities. He stopped using heroin approximately 6 months ago when he was still homeless and often used dirty needles to satisfy his drug aIDiction. Lab findings reveal impaired liver function with elevated liver enzymes. Hepatitis serology is obtained:

Anti-HAV IgM antibodies Negative
Anti-HAV IgG antibodies Positive
HBs antigen Negative
Anti-HBs antibodies Positive
Anti-HBc antibodies Negative
Anti-HCV antibodies Positive

The most appropriate conclusion is that the patient has:

1. Developed hepatitis A and is immune to hepatitis B and C
2. Developed hepatitis B and is immune to hepatitis A and C
3. Developed hepatitis C and is immune to hepatitis A and B
4. Been immunized against hepatitis A, B and C

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