I need a discussion post of 300 words or more of the scenario below.

Tom, 45, occasionally went to the casino with some friends as a fun night out, but lately he noticed himself returning there on his own, spending hours at a time at a single blackjack table. His friends asked him about it, but he brushed off their concerns. As time passed, he spent more time at the casino and often lied to his wife about it.

Based on motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral restructuring, and solution-focused therapy, which approach or approaches do you think are most relevant for Tom’s situation?

Within your discussion, address the following points:

  • Define motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral restructuring, and solution-focused therapy applied to addiction.
  • Based on what you have learned in this module, what are two techniques within each counseling style that you think might be relevant to Tom’s situation?

Why do you think the approach(es) you chose would be helpful in Tom’s situation (be specific and detailed)?


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