Did the firefighters arrive in bright shiny red trucks?

Discussion 1- No word limit!
We begin this unit by looking at systems of equations. Our discussion board consists of two parts:

Part A: In your own words, define consistent, inconsistent, dependent, and independent in terms of how they relate to systems of equations.

Part B: Systems of equations have a wide application in the world around us. What is one way someone could use systems of equations in his or her personal life or career? For ideas, perform an Internet search or look through the word problems found in Section 7.4 of your textbook.

Discussion 2- No word limit!
Fire prevention has been a major component of the annual Fire Prevention Week activities in both public and private schools in the U.S. for many years. Many children absorb the presentation and enjoy the take-away goodies, rulers, coloring books, and so on. Relying on your own experience, past or present, discuss what measures were taken during your early school days during Fire Prevention Week. Can you remember what took place? Did the firefighters arrive in bright shiny red trucks? Who presented the program? Let us take a trip down memory lane this week.

If you have never experienced this or cannot recall it clearly, you may provide details and anecdotes concerning Fire Prevention Week activities in which you have participated.
Homework assignment!
Unit VI PowerPoint Presentation
Fire Prevention Program
For this assignment, you will be developing a Fire Prevention Program that you will present via PowerPoint. You will draw ideas from both your occupational and educational experiences and knowledge. These are familiar surroundings, which are likely to aide in your development of a program of fire prevention and life safety. Provided below is a brief scenario to get you started.
Scenario: You have been a member of your organization’s Fire Prevention and Life Safety division for a number of years, and you have just completed several college level courses relating to fire prevention and occupational safety and health with an online university. You have presented your most recent grade records to your supervisor who is very impressed with your accomplishments. In light of your achievement in these courses, your supervisor has assigned you the task of creating a formal Fire Prevention and Life Safety Presentation to be composed for presentation to various civic organizations such as Lions Club, Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, and the local Elks Lodge. Your primary target audiences will be comprised mainly of adults therefore your presentation must be designed and geared for the adult learner.
Your supervisor asks you to put together a slide presentation using the Five-Step Program model given by Diamantes (pp. 168-170 of your textbook). Your final presentation will provide your supervisor details of your process used in assembling the presentation. A minimum of three slides must be devoted to each of the five-steps. Be innovative, creative, and remember this is the first step in the overall process of creating a presentation worthy of public viewing and interest. This presentation will be seen by ONLY your supervisor (at this time); however, you must make an impression that confirms you have the “right stuff” to venture out for formal presentations to civic organizations.
Keep in mind that your organization has never embarked on such a project. You are the first, and as such, you want to ensure that your supervisor views a clear and concise series of slides. It is intended that once you have mastered the concepts and mechanics of the five-step process, your supervisor will, in all likelihood, assign you the additional task of composing a formal slide presentation that will include specific elements relative to fire prevention measures intended to education the public in both civic organizations as well as the public-at-large.
Treat your PowerPoint slides like any research paper—provide in-text citations and a reference slide for any outside sources including direct quotations, paraphrased words or ideas, tables and data, and images.
Your completed presentation should contain the following:
· A title slide (title, your name, and your organization’s name); · 15-20 slides detailing your Fire Prevention Program; and · a reference slide (minimum of three references should be used to complete this assignment, not including the textbook, and be sure to utilize the Online Library).
Be sure to make use of the Notes area of each slide to contain your own narration, as each slide should be brief and concise. Notes are used during presentations and are not seen by the viewers.
Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.

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