Did the students demonstrate an understanding of the competencies covered in the course relating to risk assessments?

PurposeThis project provides an opportunity to apply the competencies gained in the lessons of this course to develop a risk management plan for a fictitious organization to replace its outdated plan.Learning Objectives and OutcomesYou will gain an overall understanding of risk management, its importance, and critical processes required when developing a formal risk management plan for an organization.Required Source Information and ToolsThe following tools and resources that will be needed to complete this project:DeliverablesAs discussed in this course, risk management is an important process for all organizations. This is particularly true in information systems, which provides critical support for organizational missions. The heart of risk management is a formal risk management plan. The project activities described in this document allow you to fulfill the role of an employee participating in the risk management process in a specific business situation.The project is structured as follows:Project PartDeliverableProject Part Task 1: Risk Management PlanTask 2: Risk Assessment PlanTask 3: Risk Mitigation PlanFinal Submission DueOct 13th, 2018(11:59 pm)Final Project-Word document: Risk Management PlanGroup Presentation- Group Presentation of the Risk Management PlanSubmission RequirementsAll Group project submissions should follow this format:§ Format:Ø Microsoft Word or compatible for Risk Management Report, Font: Arial, 10-point, double-space for Microsoft report submission.Ø Citation Style: APA StyleØ PowerPoint for Group PresentationScenarioYou are an information technology (IT) intern working for Health Network, Inc. (Health Network), a fictitious health services organization headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Health Network has over 600 employees throughout the organization and generates $500 million USD in annual revenue. The company has two additional locations in Portland, Oregon and Arlington, Virginia, which support a mix of corporate operations. Each corporate facility is located near a co-location data center, where production systems are located and managed by third-party data center hosting vendors.Company Products Health Network has three main products: HNetExchange, HNetPay, and HNetConnect.HNetExchange is the primary source of revenue for the company. The service handles secure electronic medical messages that originate from its customers, such as large hospitals, which are then routed to receiving customers such as clinics.HNetPay is a Web portal used by many of the company’s HNetExchange customers to support the management of secure payments and billing. The HNetPay Web portal, hosted at Health Network production sites, accepts various forms of payments and interacts with credit-card processing organizations much like a Web commerce shopping cart.HNetConnect is an online directory that lists doctors, clinics, and other medical facilities to allow Health Network customers to find the right type of care at the right locations. It contains doctors’ personal information, work addresses, medical certifications, and types of services that the doctors and clinics offer. Doctors are given credentials and are able to update the information in their profile. Health Network customers, which are the hospitals and clinics, connect to all three of the company’s products using HTTPS connections. Doctors and potential patients are able to make payments and update their profiles using Internet-accessible HTTPS Web sites.Information Technology Infrastructure OverviewHealth Network operates in three production data centers that provide high availability across the company’s products. The data centers host about 1,000 production servers, and Health Network maintains 650 corporate laptops and company-issued mobile devices for its employees.Threats IdentifiedUpon review of the current risk management plan, the following threats were identified:· Loss of company data due to hardware being removed from production systems· Loss of company information on lost or stolen company-owned assets, such as mobile devices and laptops· Loss of customers due to production outages caused by various events, such as natural disasters, change management, unstable software, and so on· Internet threats due to company products being accessible on the Internet· Insider threats· Changes in regulatory landscape that may impact operationsManagement RequestSenior management at Health Network has determined that the existing risk management plan for the organization is out of date and a new risk management plan must be developed. Because of the importance of risk management to the organization, senior management is committed to and supportive of the project to develop a new plan. You have been assigned to develop this new plan.Additional threats other than those described previously may be discovered when re-evaluating the current threat landscape during the risk assessment phase.The budget for this project has not been defined due to senior management’s desire to react to any and all material risks that are identified within the new plan. Given the company’s annual revenue, reasonable expectations can be determined.Project Part 1Project Part 1 Task 1: Risk Management PlanFor the first part of the assigned project, you must create an initial publish of the final risk management plan. To do so, you must:Write an initial publish of the risk management plan as detailed in the instructions above. Your plan should be made using a standard word processor format compatible with Microsoft Word.Project Part 1 Task 2: Risk Assessment PlanAfter creating an initial publish of the risk management plan, the second part of the assigned project requires you to create a publish of the risk assessment (RA) plan. To do so, you must:Project Part 1 Task 3: Risk Mitigation PlanSenior management at Health Network allocated funds to support a risk mitigation plan and have requested that the risk manager and team create a plan in response to the deliverables produced within the earlier phases of the project. The risk mitigation plan should address the identified threats described in the scenario for this project, as well as any new threats that may have been discovered during the risk assessment. You have been assigned to develop this new plan.Risk Management Plan Final PresentationCreate a professional, well-developed report, titled, risk management plan that includes the combination of Task 1, 2, and 3 and submit via the group assignment in iLearn.NOTE: Any discussion of products not a part of this scenario, such as health insurance products, will result in an automatic 50% reduction in points. Your paper is NOT a research paper on risk management – it is a risk management plan to a very specific situation and must relate to the scenario, above. Risk Management Project Report Rubric (Instructor Use)DescriptionCommentsMarkA section titled Introduction discussing the purpose of the plan. You must include details from the scenario, above, describing the environment. 10 points.A section titled Scope and Methodology discussing the scope and risk assessment methodology leverage for the development of the plan. 10 pointsA section, titled Compliance Laws and Regulations. Using the information in the scenario provided above, discuss regulations and laws with which Health Network must comply. 30 pointsA section, titled Risk Mitigation Plan & Timeline, that discusses the threats identified in the scenario and your proposed mitigations roadmap with timelines as well as any new threats.30 points.A section, titled Roles and Responsibilities, that will discuss the different individuals and departments who will be responsible for risk management within the organization (this was presented in your textbook). 20 pointsAfter developing the Risk Management plan, highlight key areas of the plan in PowerPoint presentation deck and submit via ilearn. Both deliverables (Risk Management Report and Group Presentation deck must be submitted by Oct 13th, 2018 , 11:59 pm. Review your slides and be ready to present your group’s findings and plans during the group presentation (Oct 14th ,2018, between 8 am -12 pm)Group Presentation Evaluation Criteria and Rubrics (Group Use)1. Did the students demonstrate an understanding of the competencies covered in the course thus far?2. Did the students include all important components of a risk management plan in the outline? (see key suggested components/areas in the Risk Management Project Report rubric below)3. Did the student demonstrate good research, reasoning, and decision-making skills in identifying key components and compliance laws and regulations?4. Did the students create a professional, well-developed report with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation?5. Did the students develop a high-quality risk mitigation plan based on material provided in the course?6. Did the students use information obtained from the earlier parts of the project to build out a risk mitigation plan?7. Did the students create a professional, well-developed publish with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation?8. Did the students demonstrate an understanding of the competencies covered in the course relating to risk assessments?9. Did the students demonstrate good research, reasoning, and decision-making skills in identifying key components and methodologies?10. Did the student develop sound plans based on the requirements described during the project phases?11. Did the students provide clear and easy-to-understand presentation, which include tables and other visual presentation elements?Information about APA format (Critical)Students at the University of the Cumberlands are expected to follow certain formatting standards when submitting formal written work. As one of the most respected and authoritative academic style manuals, the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association provides style and formatting guidance for developing academic research papers with properly formatted citations and reference lists. APA is the preferred style for academic writing at the University.

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