Did you enjoy the artwork visually?

If you choose the artwork from the internet or other sources, your grade will drop 20 points
Your grade go down if your essay is short (1point for each line)
You will lose 10 points for each day late.
A minimum of three MLA citations must appear in the body of your paper. 3 points
Create a bibliography at the end of the paper (does not count towards the three page minimum). 3 points
The first page: Use a header for your name, title of paper, and course name/number. You Must represent an image of artwork and an image of you next to the artwork ( two images). Beneath images write the artwork information: artist name, title, date, medium, size, location. 5 points

Your final paper should have the following structure:
Paragraph I: Introduction
In this paragraph, tell the reader what artwork you have selected and generally outline your purpose for writing this paper. Tell the reader what you will be discussing in the paper. 7 points
Paragraph II: Formal and Stylistic Analyses of selected image. 48 points
Paragraph III: Contextual Analysis of selected image. (research required) 24 points
Paragraph V: Conclusion 10 points
Conclude the paper by offering your personal insight. Did you enjoy the artwork visually? Intellectually? Have your initial assumptions about it changed through your research? Do you agree or disagree with the information you included in Paragraph III or do you have an entirely different view of the work?

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