Did you grow professionally and personally from this experience?

Each student is required to attend an event or experience that is common to the group you have selected and write a 3-4 page typed, double –spaced summary of the experience. Examples include street fairs, religious services, group meetings, community activities, celebrations, entertainment events, etc. Evidence of your participation of this event must be included in the portfolio. Evidence includes pictures of you at the event, a video of the event, a program of the event. A flier of the event is not evidence.

Your typed summary of the experience should include all of the following:
1.The type, location, day, and time of the event/experience.
2.Your feelings prior, during, and after the event/experience.
3.Describe in detail what happened during the event/experience.
4.Observations about the people attending the event/experience.
5.How did the event/experience contribute to your understanding of human development and the course? Be specific and give an example.
6.What cultural norms, values, ethics, or customs did you observe? Compare your observation to your research. What cultural knowledge did you learn?
7.What did you learned from the experience? Did you grow professionally and personally from this experience?

For this assignment, the use of scholarly and empirically based references is mandatory. These references can be found in the University’s library other local libraries. Additional references are listed on the additional reading list attached to the syllabus. Only two Internet sources can be used as references.

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