Direct-To-Consumer Genetic Testing


write a 3000 word essay on ‘Publicly available genetic information: health’ incorporating analysis of the data I have collected. A rough plan I have followed: – Start by explaining what DTC genetic tests are 11/29/2019 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing 5/7 – What do they tell you about in terms of health – Talk through pros then cons of genetic testing relating to health including those that are in the leaflet – Conclusion about whether the information provided by these tests should be publicly available/whether DTC tests are beneficial – I need you to refer back to relevant parts of the data in essay/comment on/analyse the data —> some examples: could mention how people mainly reported that they would not consent to their data being used in research, perhaps limiting the benefit of DTC genetic testing in contributing to research; most responders would be more willing to know if they were at increased risk of developing a certain condition if it was curable – this emphasises how an important motivation for individuals purchasing DTC genetic tests is the potential improvement in outcome of diseases; most people would go to a genetic counsellor to have their results explained which is important in terms of confirmation of results and support for the patient. 

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