Discipline-Based Literature Review Prior to beginning work on this assignment, watch the embedded video and review the PSY620 Analyzing and Citing Scholarly Articles guide.

Discipline-Based Literature Review Prior to beginning work on this assignment, watch the embedded video and review the PSY620: Analyzing and Citing Scholarly Articles guide.


A large field of study is learning and cognition. You will look for peer-reviewed studies published within the previous ten years on the following constructs in this domain for this discipline-based literature review:

An Overview of Our Brains in the Neurosciences Social interactions and learning: socio-cognition Literacy and learning: Language, Reading, and Writing Development Diversity and Culture’s Impact on Education Learning and Connectivism: A Web of Development Use your research to explain each of the aforementioned discipline-based components in your essay. Consider the ethical difficulties that arise in the study of these various fields and apply ethical standards to the justifications of each construct. Additionally, evaluate each construct using at least one article from a peer-reviewed journal and justify your claims. Explain the theoretical stances and empirical findings for each construct in this analysis that are relevant to the study of learning and cognition.

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The review of the literature

It must be between seven and ten double-spaced pages long, excluding the title and references pages, and prepared in accordance with the Ashford Writing Center’s guidelines for APA style. A title page with the following information is required: Name of the essay Name of the pupil Name and number of the course Trainer’s name submitted date and a paragraph serving as an introduction are required. Must critically discuss the paper’s subject, including each construct. must have a paragraph of conclusion. Use at least five peer-reviewed sources from the Ashford University Library, with at least one source per construct. All sources must be cited using APA style, as specified in the in-text citation guide. Must have a separate references page that is formatted in accordance with the APA style manual’s instructions. Examine the grading rubric carefully to familiarize yourself with the standards that will be used to judge your assignment.


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