Discuss, compare and contrast the importance of definitions in Plato and Augustine.

1 How does Augustine reject the information transfer account of teaching and learning? (The information transfer account is that the teacher has knowledge, he speaks, students hear, the same knowledge is caused in their minds.) Explain in detail why there is no teaching and learning from words. How is this an answer to the Meno Paradox?2 Plato can be understood as trying to take a middle ground between Parmenides’ monism and Heraclitus’ constant flux. Explain.3 Discuss, compare and contrast the importance of definitions in Plato and Augustine.4 We’re on a road to Larissa, discuss compare and contrast the advice of offered by Plato and by Augustine. Remember this is a metaphorical journey.5 Why is it so important for Augustine to defeat the Academics? Explain in great detail how he does it.6 Forms in the Phaedo. Explain the issues involved in Platos exclusive use of relative forms to illustrate his theory in the Phaedo. 7 Recollection how does the theory work in the Phaedo? how is this different from the Meno theory and Augustine’s divine illumination?

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