Discuss how leadership is both an art and a science. 2. Explain and illustrate the rational and emotional aspects of leadership.

Leadership and management 1. Discuss how leadership is both an art and a science. 2. Explain and illustrate the rational and emotional aspects of leadership. Who, in your opinion, embodies both? 3. Compare and contrast leadership and management. 4. Differentiate between singleoloop learning and double-loop learning. Which one is more difficult in terms of leadership development? Why? 5. Explain how going against the grain is often an important ingredient in learning from experience. Have you done it? If so, what was the result? 6. What is the purpose of development planning? What are the components of an effective development plan? Do you have a plan? If not. why not? 7. Explain how mentoring differs from coaching. Which would you prefer? 8. According to the new leaders on boarding roadmap, new leaders should hold off- premise meetings with their direct reports during their third month of tenure if their team is large. Discuss the four major issues that you would personally cover in these meetings. 9. How do leaders benefit from having high levels of technical competence? 10. Discuss two ways in which you would try to establish and maintain good peer relationships 11. .Discuss expert power and provide examples for illustration. Are you developing expertise? 12. Briefly outline the five sources of power from French and Raven’s typology. Rank the 5 according to your personal preference. 13. What is coercive power? Should leaders use it? When? 14. How can followers use coercive power to influence a leader’s behavior? Provide a real world example to illustrate your response. 15. Differentiate between leaders who have position power and leaders who have personal power. If you can only have one, which one would you choose? 16. Describe the four qualities of leadership that engender trust according to Bennis and Goldsmith. Do you agree? 17. Describe the differences between instrumental and terminal values and give an example of each. 18. What role do your values play in work settings? 19. What is authentic leadership? 20. Who. In your opinion, is an authentic leader? 21. Who, in your opinion, is an inauthentic leader? 22. What are the characteristics of ethical and unethical climates in organizations? How would you describe the climate of The US Congress? 23. What factors in the Wall Street ethical climate led to the 2008 Economic Meltdown? 24. Explain the two meanings of personality. Describe your personality accordingly. 25. In the context of the Big 5/ OCEAN model. what is meant by conscientiousness? What leader behaviors are associated with conscientiousness? Who, in your opinion, is a conscientiousness leader? 26. What is the relationship between intelligence and leadership 27. Provide a brief description of the components of the Triarchic Theory of Intelligence. How does each component relate to leadership? 28. What are the two major predictions made by the Cognitive Resources Theory with respect to intelligence, experience, stress, and group performance 29. What have been the results of the increased interest and research into emotional intelligence (HQ)? 30. Compare and t he leader behavior research conducted by the Ohio State and University of Michigan- What do they have in common? 31. Describe the Leadership Grid model and explain why it can be considered an extension of the Ohio State and University of Michigan studies. 32. How do leadership behaviors and leadership skills differ? Provide examples to illustrate your response. 33. Compare and contrast intrapersonal skills with interpersonal skills. Rate yourself on both. 34. What are the important gender issues related to 360-degree feedback? Do you agree?

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