Discuss increases in pollution as a result of global warming.

For this discussion, you will consider the effect of a changing climate on one of the topics listed below. Use this article as your starting point: Effects of Global Warming.

Recommended: Click on the following links to review materials to enhance your knowledge of ecosystems, disturbance, and recovery:

National Climate Assessment
The Consequences of Climate Change

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200 words Max
APA Format
Choose only 1 aspect of the environment that is impacted by climate change (from the 3 listed below), and answer the questions associated with the topic you chose.

Species extinction and habitat loss

Explain how climate change impacts vulnerable species or results in the spread of invasive species.
Explain how these changes will affect food webs.

Human health, agriculture, and infrastructure

Explain how changing weather patterns affect food production, the spread of disease, or damage to homes, transportation, or the electric grid.
Discuss increases in pollution as a result of global warming.

Water, melting ice caps, and sea levels rising

Explain how global warming is affecting ice caps and the impact to further warming.
Discuss the rise of sea level and saltwater intrusion and how eroding coastlines affect human activities and ecosystems.

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