Discuss the current marketplace for graduate employment opportunities (including graduate training programmes)

Organisational Development (discussing the current marketplace) A 3000 word reflective commentary which focuses on your planned journey from education into employment, detailing how this fits into your overall career plan. [my intended career is to be a successful Market Executive in the Insurance industry] Your reflective commentary will have two distinct parts:- Part A: Discuss the current marketplace for graduate employment opportunities (including graduate training programmes). In this section, you can provide a general overview or focus on a particular industry or even your particular discipline, for example, finance. All students may use the Uk or their home country (CHina) as the context for this discussion. Discussion MUST review relevant academic literature.[35%] Part B: Describe and discuss intended career plan. Your commentary should include reference to academic literature where relevant, and MUST include the following: “ your intended graduate position/placement, with a rationale for your choice within the context of a longer-term career plan. “ an assessment of suitability for your graduate position using a variety of feedback gained during the seminar activites and directed study, e.g. psychometric test result and feedback on internal or external interview and assessment centre activities . Please include other sources of evidence if relevant. “ A conclusion, which should identify your next steps to build on strengths and address weaknesses. For e.g. if you have identified a need for work experience or to improve an essential skill area, you need to explain why, how and when you plan to it [40%].

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