Discuss the historical evolution of health promotion and disease prevention in the United States. 3. What are the lessons from history of public health development in the United States? 4. Describe and discuss the structure of organized public health in the United States

Historical evolution of health promotion and disease prevention in the United States

Check out Chapter 6 in your text: 142 through 159 pages. 2. Respond to the inquiry posed in this chapter.

A Joint Public-Private Responsibility for Public Health in an Age of New Threats, Chapter 6 1. What are the different preventative levels? 2. Talk about the historical development of disease prevention and health promotion in the United States. 3. What can be learned from the history of American public health development? 4. Describe and talk about the American system of organized public health. 5. Talk about the American private sector’s contribution to illness prevention and health promotion. 6. Talk about how managed care in the US contributes to illness prevention and health promotion. 7. Name a few of the most significant public health risks that have recently materialized in the twenty-first century. 8. Briefly describe how public health will develop in the US.

3. Read pages 182 to 197 of Chapter 8 in your textbook. 4. Respond to the questions posed in this chapter.

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hospitals and health systems in Chapter 8 1. Outline the evolution of hospitals in America over time. 2. Outline the variations between for-profit and nonprofit hospitals. 3. Describe the main trends that have affected the hospital industry. 4. How and why is horizontal integration used? 5. What and why is vertical integration used? 6. Describe the structure of community hospitals internally. 7. Identify the main troubles the healthcare business is facing.


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