Discuss the Native American experience prior to the coming of the Eurasians and Africans

Midterm Study Guide for History 143: United States to 1865.
Possible essay questions will be similar to these questions below.

I. Discuss the Native American experience prior to the coming of the Eurasians and Africans. What was different afterwards?

II. What were the causes behind the voyages of discovery in the 1400s? What was the Columbian exchange? What are its legacies? Why was discovery desired? What were the differing characteristics in how the Spanish and the British explored, conquered, and colonized the Americas? What conclusions may be drawn about their relative success and length of colonization, based upon their tactics? What experiences unique to Britain explain the method and manner of their colonization processes? What, then, are the chief features of British colonization? Why are they important to understand? Depending upon the colony, how was the freedom of religious expression condoned, or compromised? What was the relationship between land and labor in the English colonies? What effect did this have on the promulgation and support of slavery, especially in the Southern Colonies? What was the Great Awakening? What was its effect on the colonial masses? What are its legacies today? What were the institutions of power in the colonies? What powers did they have? How strong were these institutions, especially compared with each other?

III. Why was the French and Indian War important for Britain? What did it mean for the colonies? After 1763, what methods of control did Parliament use against the colonies? Which methods worked? Which failed? Which backfired? Why was the land west of the Appalachians a point of contention between Parliament and the colonists? At the Treaty of Paris in 1763, Britain made a choice between taking French Canada and the French West Indies. What was the choice? What did the choice mean for the colonies? What did it mean for Britain? What were the causes of the Revolution? In what ways were the various acts (Townshend, Stamp, Sugar, Intolerable, Navigation, Tea, Coercion, etc.) directly responsible for the Revolution? How did the Revolution change the colonial society?

IV. What flaws inherent in the Articles of Confederation cause many to call for a revision? How did the Constitution solve the problems associated with the Confederation? What was the National Bank? Who designed it? What was its intended function? Who supported it? Why? Who was against it? Why? What were the differences between the Federalists and the Democrats? How is this seen in the administrations of Adams and Jefferson? What does it mean to be “Jeffersonian”? Why is this concept important in American History? What were the causes of the War of 1812? In what ways does France share the blame for the beginnings of this war? What did America mean to Americans in this period?

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