1. Discuss the political nature of disasters
  • paper must be three to four pages
  • Each paper must include a title and reference pages.
  • This assignment must follow APA style guidelines.
  • Both reaction papers must be typed, double-spaced using 12-point fount in Times New Roman.
  • One-inch margins must be used
  • References in the reactions papers must follow APA formatting.
  • A minimum of three references are required from refereed journals, government sources, or edited books. (NOTE: Wikipedia is NOT a refereed source and will not be accepted).
  • This assignment must be saved as Microsoft Word Document or in a RTF format and submitted in the Assignments. When submitting this assignment please name your file – last name, course number, reaction paper number (example, Smith HLS 3200 Reaction Paper 2).
  • Reaction papers not submitted on time will be dropped 10 points for each late day.


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