discuss the selection of teams with your lecturer, who may decide to allocate you into teams or he/she may decide to form teams using a random process

health hazard

Teams of three students are required to accomplish this project. There are four (4) questions in all, and each one must be answered. Teams of four will be taken into consideration (if it is unavoidable).
To prevent any late fees, the assignment must be turned in before the deadline mentioned above. Please be sure to adhere to the standard assignment presentation criteria, particularly those that deal with the written work presentation, the late policy, and academic integrity.
Creating Teams Your lecturer will determine whether to assign you to teams or whether to create teams at random, so you must negotiate team selection with them. Every student whose work has been plagiarized or distributed around teams will receive a failing mark. Therefore, please make sure that your team’s response is original to you and not a copy of anything else.
Please be aware that each question has a word count restriction. At the conclusion of each question, you must specify how many words you used. Submissions that go over the word count by more than 10% won’t be marked when they cross that threshold.
Submission: The assignment must be turned in online using the student portal. To do so, click the “Assessments” tab.
ASK #1: 15 points (maximum word count: 750)
Big Business Tobacco (BBT) is a sizable Australian manufacturer of tobacco goods, including a top-selling cigarette brand. The business has decided to start selling its cigarettes in this sizable market at the start of next month in light of the continued development of Asian nations like China and its transition to a market-based economy. The smoke will be offered in 40-count packs.
The company’s public relations manager, Randall Hedges, and marketing manager, Mary Bender, are debating the design of the cigarette packaging for the Asian market. After the general layout of the pack was decided upon, Hedges brought up the question of whether or not to include the standard health warning that is required by Australian law to be shown on the package. He emphasized recent medical data that suggested that smoking-related mortality would rise dramatically in the next few years, particularly in emerging nations.
Mary Bender resisted a “health hazard” warning on the packs destined for several Asian markets. “In this business, the bottom line, or profits, are what matter; we have to think of our shareholders,” she said. If it provides such a warning, BBT could see a significant loss of market share to rivals. A health warning on cigarette packaging is also not required by law in several Asian nations. In the event that Asian law is later changed, we will be among the first to comply. In addition, the managing director agrees with me on this.
Hedges concluded by saying that the business would be better off in the long run if it was seen to be acting ethically and showing some regard for its customers. Additionally, despite the fact that health warnings have been common in Australia for a long time, the company’s performance has not suffered.
A. Who are the principal parties involved in the discussion around the health warnings on cigarette packages?
B. What are the key moral concerns raised by the discussion?
What would you do if you were Randall Hedges?
Question 2: TEN POINTS (maximum word count: 500)
Brian Kelly has devoted a significant portion of his life to unsuccessfully panning for gold. He has frequently discovered minute gold flecks along the typical riverbanks where he is allowed to pan.
However, on his most recent visit to the Ballarat River, he almost by chance discovered a highly promising rock that he put in his bag. He brought the rock into town to have it evaluated by professionals, who told him it was a valuable gold nugget and was worth at least $60,000. With his buddies by his side, Brian popped open a bottle of champagne and expressed his happiness.
He sold the nugget to a jeweler for $75,000 in cash around two weeks later.
It is necessary to assess and defend the existence of revenue as well as the right moment for Brian Kelly to record it in his financial statements.
Question 3 (10 plus 5 is 15 points)
A. As a new management accountant, respond to the plant manager’s remark that no “bean counter” understands my job well enough to be of any assistance. According to my perspective, our accountants may be required to maintain records for shareholders and the Australian Tax Office, but I don’t want them to meddle in my daily business. (Maximum word count: 500)
B. ‘Knowledge of technological difficulties, such as computer technology, is a necessary but not a sufficient condition to becoming an effective management accountant.’ Do you concur? Describe your response. (maximum of 250 words)
Question 4 (20 points total, 8 + 8 + 4)
Required: Answer the following inquiries regarding the financial accounts of Stratum Limited provided below:
A. Determine the dollar and percentage differences between the financial statements for 2017 and 2016.
B. Create financial statements of a common size for 2017 and 2016.
C. Using no more than 200 words, discuss any connections that the horizontal and vertical investigations may have discovered.
Below and on the following page are Stratum Ltd.’s comparative financial statements.
Comparative Statements of Profit or Loss for the years ended June 30, 2018 of STRATUM LTD. ($000)
Note: 2017-2016
$26,000 $13,750 in revenue
Finance costs are not included in expenses. 4 $13,705 $11,965
Finance expenses:
Before income tax expense of $2,295 profit of $1,785
$878,535 in income tax expenses
$1,417 in profit $1,250
Statements of Changes in Equity for the years ending June 30, 2005, STRATUM LTD ($000) quality
shares of equity Normal: Balance at the start of the period
Balance at the conclusion of the period: 1 600 1 500 Issue of share capital: 1 500 100 1 500
retained profits
Beginning balance for the period
Recognized profit overall during the time period
Dividend received: 350 regular
1 417 (852) 200 1 250 (1 100)
End-of-period balance: 915,350
Comparative Statements of Financial Position as of June 30, 2018 for STRATUM LTD. ($000)
2017 2016
current resources
Cash and its substitutes
Other and trade receivables
Stocks: 80, 380, 770, 100, 335, 720
Current assets as a whole: 1 230 1 155
Intangible assets
various financial resources
Plant, equipment, and real estate 140 3 400 160 2 785
Assets total: 4 770 4 100 Total non-current assets: 3 540, 2 945
Current obligations
Other trade and payables (Note 14)
505 500
Current liabilities as a whole: 505,500
Negative current assets Long-term debt 1 750 1 750
Total liabilities for non-current items: 1 750 1 750
Liabilities in total: 2 255 2 250
Assets net: 2.515, 1 850
shares of equity
Earnings retained: 1 600 915, 1 500 350
Total equity is between 2.515 and 1.850.
Financial statements’ notes ($000)
Note 2: 2017-2016 revenue
Net sales revenue: $16 000, $13 750
Note 4: Costs
Sales expenses: $9,000–$850
Sales and marketing costs 2 150 1 730
Administrative costs were $1,925 and $1,385.
14th Note: Payables
Debtors in trade: 395, 360
Accruals and other creditors (110, 140)



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