Discuss the variables to be considered in prioritizing problem behaviors for intervention.

Brief Report
Title page (1 page)

Abstract (1/2 Page)

Introduction and a brief literature review (You should not include the words “Introduction” you will write your title (2 Pages)

Results (1/2 page)

Discussion (1 page). You must include 5 intext APA citations

References (1 page). You must have an APA style reference page.

Introduce the topic of the paper. In a short paragraph, describe your topic and discuss why this issue is important to study.
Next, the literature review will discuss the relevant literature that is related to your topic.
At the end of the literature review,
State the purpose of the study, specifically identifying the variables you are investigating.
Briefly discuss your research strategy
Specifically state your hypothesis to end the Introduction. Review Fernald, D. (2008). Psychology: Six Perspective pages 506-508 for details.

Introduction Formatting Guidelines:

2-3 double spaced typed pages
1 inch margins
Times New Roman, 12 point type
5 empirical sources that are no older than 2010
Intext citations in APA style
A reference page in APA style with all intext citations listed on the Reference list.

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Applied Behavior Analyst
Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Question 1: Selection and Measurement Of Target Behaviors

Discuss and Define:

-Use the following PowerPoint presentations in preparation for ICS Part 1 and 2 in this unit:

Chapter 3, “Selecting and Defining Target Behaviors.”

Chapter 4, “Measuring Behavior.”

-Use your Psychology of B. F. Skinner text to read the following:

Chapter 8, “Applied Behavior Analysis,” pages 149–163.

Question 2: Prioritizing Problem Behaviors

You will hear your instructor talk about how to prioritize a set of behaviors for intervention and how to observe and define human behavior in observable and measurable terms. Post a substantive response to the following question:

-Discuss the variables to be considered in prioritizing problem behaviors for intervention.

Question 3: Functional and Topographical Behaviors

In ABA, we must provide a topographical description of what the behavior looks like first before we gather information about the antecedents and consequences. The starting point for a functional behavior assessment is to define the behavior in clear, objective and complete terms so it can be measured.

-First define Functional and Topographical Behaviors

-Observe two different individuals for 10–20 minutes at home, workplace or in the community.

-Post a substantive response to the following:

-How was your observation “unobtrusive”

-Briefly describe the setting and the individual you observed.

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