Discuss what is entailed in the job of a convention manager.

HOSP 320 Homework Assignment Week 3 .

Chapter 5:
1. Describe and discuss the importance of the duties of the Director of Sales in a full service hotel.
2. Discuss why a one-stop contact is important for an association executive.
3. Discuss what is entailed in the job of a convention manager.
4. Discuss why communication is important between the sales department and other department and what type of communications occur.
Chapter 6:
1. Describe some actions or activities that might be classified as sexual harassment. What are the essential elements of a sexual harassment allegation?
2. List and discuss four state or federal laws that impact human resources in hotels today.
The duties of a director of sales in full service hotel are outlined below. Primarily, they are the heads of sales department and, therefore, the overseers of processes and activities that take place in hotels and conferences in which they work. As such, they

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