Discuss why it is important for one to consider and include each factor.

Assess the main steps involved in developing an effective strategic plan. Discuss how the steps may differ for a health care organization compared to another industry.

· Evaluate the key factors involved in SHEEPED (socioeconomic factors, health care resources and utilization, epidemiological factors, economic factors, political factors, environmental factors, and demographic factors) and their important role in strategic planning. Discuss why it is important for one to consider and include each factor.

Directions for writing assignments 4( chapter 3

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2 pages

Keeping in mind the information provided to you in the Introduction Module about these Writing Assignments, please complete the following question. 

As with all drop box assignments, you must submit the assignment as an attachment.  The attachment must in the format of a doc, docx or rtf.

Discuss the dueling battle between the right to privacy and the need for transparency as it relates to public officials.

Remember, the main part of this answer should come from our text.  

Be sure to include: 

a.  A general description of the right to privacy and transparency

b.  Why privacy rights are important

c.  Why transparency is important

d.  Some factors that should be examined when balancing these competing interests

e.  What is the current trend regarding this issue

f.  Cite and explain at least one example of how this issue has been dealt with

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