Discuss your plan for establishing the viability of this product before launching it.

For this assignment, you will work in groups to select a country in which a currently established New Zealand company is not marketing its products/services.
Here the selected product is Fontera NZ dairy company and specified product is butter and the target country is India (especially West India).
As the head of marketing and his team, each group (2 people of your own choice) will prepare a proposal trying to convince the CEO and senior managers of the New Zealand company that launching this product (i.e Fontera (Butter) in country India is a good business idea and explain how to ensure it will work in this country.
The primary purpose of your proposal is to demonstrate that your group understands enough about the country and its culture to argue that the country will be a successful target market for the product /service you have selected.
You want to convince your CEO and senior management team that marketing the product / service in the other country is a viable approach, so that they will go ahead with the development of a complete marketing plan. Aim to answer any questions your senior management team could have when faced with making the decision to go ahead.
Please note that you are only required to provide a preliminary plan for introducing and marketing the product / service, NOT a complete marketing plan.
The proposal will address
� the business opportunity (the market)
� your product or service
� the competitive landscape
� your positioning
� and your communication strategy (paying special attention to cultural differences).
Again, the focus of this assignment is on cultural differences and how to create an effective marketing communication plan for those differences.
To demonstrate your knowledge of the target market you should include some demographic data and other country data graphs in your proposal. Your team should clearly demonstrate that they have thought through what it will take to market the product / service successfully in the assigned country.
After confirming your New Zealand company, chosen service and target market, you will conduct your own research. Your proposal must include a minimum of ten (10) extra sources using APA referencing style.
The proposal will be formatted as a formal report. For more information, consult Chapter 5 in your textbook.
Remember to use message-driven headings to direct the audience. Additionally, the proposal is to be persuasive, which means you will find the pyramid(as discussed in class) a useful way to think through your argument.
You must submit your proposal through the appropriate Turnitin Box on the course Moodle site.
The proposal should include the following content:
1. Background and situation analysis
Country and cultural response to your product / service and if applicable to your company or other companies providing similar products / services.
Analyse how the culture of this country / region affects local business environment and practices. Focus on the specifics of doing business in this country. Determine the characteristics of your selected country based on the framework of cultural variables.
a. Discuss�
i. Why this product? Why this country? Why does launching your product / service make good business sense now?
b. Analyze the product�s potential in this country based on the competitive landscape.
c. Discuss and analyze thetarget customers and their relevant needs and wants.
d. Develop a communication strategy taking into account cultural differences.
Include all your findings relevant to your conclusions and justifications in your proposal and cite/identify all information to avoid plagiarism.
2. Methods and approach
Team approach for evaluation the fit between product and country
a. Discuss how you would establish a deeper understanding of the country�s expected response to the product / service before launch (interviews, surveys, pilots, etc.).
b. Discuss your plan for establishing the viability of this product before launching it.
c. Action plan i.e. plan for putting together the marketing plan and product launch
i. How your team will map out the actions involved in completing the necessary marketing research and planning before the launch of the product.
3. Qualifications
The team and the company�s qualifications for performing a successful launch
a. Why the company is qualified to launch this product in this country.
b. Why this particular team is well qualified.

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