discussion 3207

Post your problem statement to the Discussion Board and include the following in your post:(needs to be about a topic in criminal justice)

  • A description of the situation in a short paragraph (no more than 3–4 sentences), addressing the 5 Ws (Who, What, When, Where and Why) of your proposed study. Be clear and concise.
  • State the problem and why it is important to study.
  • What actions/behaviors are specifically occurring as a result of the problem? Again, clarity and succinctness are key.
  • Provide feedback to at least two classmates on their problem statements. Be specific. Tell them both what is clear and well defined, as well as what might cause them trouble as they begin their research. Again, act as a “critical friend” and ask clarifying questions.

Topic 2: Conducting the Research: Achievability

Discuss obstacles that could potentially hinder the achievability of studying your research problem; that is, factors that might create barriers to accessing, collecting, analyzing and/or reporting data on the problem. For instance, colleagues may be uncooperative or unwilling to participate, the police chief may feel the problem is too sensitive or that the problem does not really exist, etc. There may be barriers to obtaining access to the necessary data. Explain how these barriers could impact the validity and reliability of your proposed study.


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